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Meditation, hypnosis, nutrition and hair analysis are powerful tools for transformation.

They are paths for personal growth—learning who we really are-living our lives to the fullest and loving it all! Use this site for your personal and spiritual growth.

Meditation is a way to manage the stresses of modern life. Think of it as "mental detox." Click on Learn to Meditate for more information.

Hypnosis lets us access our subconscious mind where unwanted habits, behaviors, beliefs and negative emotions reside. Because the subconscious operates much like a computer, we can re-program it with new, desirable patterns. Click on Hypnosis for information about appointments with Jean Masters in Stamford, CT to use this safe and effective self-transformation tool.

Are you thinking about hypnosis for "weight loss"? Or, are you feeling overwhelmed by all the "diets" out there? Click on Weight Loss for information on a comprehensive program.

Balance your body's chemistry with hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA). Click on Hair Analysis to learn more."

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